Juan Arroyo: It‘s not you, it‘s me. Designing cross-cultral interfaces

What happens when you created and successfully tested digital products for Europe, but can‘t get customers to cope with them in China? How is our cultural need of feeling safe influencing the way we confirm actions in interfaces between Europe and Asia? On this keynote, Juan shares with us some personal experiences and the importance of being open, remain humble, and avoid prejudices to avoid being biased whilst designing/ researching products for other regions and cultures. Between users and customers, between us, you and me, empathy, and passion for real people and their needs.

Der Termin

  • Die Veranstaltung findet am 14.12.21 am Fachbereich Gestaltung statt und gleichzeitig in hybrider Form  per zoom statt, EInlass 18:15 Uhr, Beginn 18:30 Uhr. An dem Abend wird es drei Vorträge geben, zwei vor Ort, einen Online.

Der Referent

Juan is a Mexican designer specialized in digital products and design research who discovered his love for the people, whilst investigating the future of luxury kitchens for a global kitchen appliances manufacturer. Along his career, Juan has worked in several design fields in 4 different regions. He has studied Design in Mexico City (UAM-X) and Cologne Germany (KISD) with a major in Product and Interaction Design. Juan is currently working as an UX/UI Designer for the Vaillant Group, where he is the global Lead Designer for Apps. He is also responsible for bringing design consistency and to improve user experience for all digital products worldwide.

Die Vortragsreihe

Point to Space ist eine studentisch organisierte Veranstaltungsreihe am Fachbereich Gestaltung der Hochschule Darmstadt unter Betreuung von Prof. Philipp Thesen. Gastvortragende und Mitglieder des Fachbereichs stellen in Vorträgen und Workshops unterschiedlichste Positionen des Design vor, die dazu anregen sollen, die gesamte Bandbreite der Disziplin zu erkunden. Mehr zur Vortragsreihe