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Communication Design

Communication Design

Communication design is a design discipline that has developed with the ever-increasing demands of visual and verbal information transmission in the process of social emancipation.

Its task is the conception and design of corporate images, posters, analog and digital publications, visualizations, information and orientation systems, exhibitions and events. This is done using all available creative means (text, graphics, typography, photography, film, video, 2-D/3-D animation and sound).

In addition to mono-media products - both traditional and digital - electronic spaces that are physically intangible are increasingly being created with complex interaction and navigation possibilities that require appropriate planning, dramaturgy and programming.


Photography is a major in the Department of Design. In a media world in which a competent and responsible approach to photographic images is becoming increasingly important, students should develop sensitivity for image media with the help of photographic, typographic and drawing design basics and an accompanying theoretical discussion. Attentive viewing must first be learned.

Photography major



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